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"Rails New" Causes Segfault Using Ruby 1.9.3 on Lion

My setup: RVM, MacPorts, OSX Lion ..and “rails new” causes a segfault! Stack trace seems to indicate its coming from the bundle install, specifically from net/http. Some googling suggests this is caused by https:// in the gemfile, and can be fixed by modifying it to http://. However since this is during the rails new - thats not possible. No one solution I found addressed my particular issue, so I’ll document what worked for me, it may help you! 1. In xcode, Preferences –> Downloads –> Command Line Tools –> Install 2. Install openssl via RVM: [sourcecode] rvm pkg install openssl [/sourcecode] 3. Reinstall ruby 1.9.3, forcing GCC and the newly downloaded OpenSSL. The -C just means “use these configuration options” [sourcecode] rvm reinstall 1.9.3 -C –with-gcc=gcc –with-openssl-dir=~/.rvm/usr [/sourcecode] References: