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Fastest Way to Pair Apple Bluetooth Keyboard or Trackpad

If you’re like me and constantly use the same keyboard+trackpad on 4 different OSX may appreciate this tip. Fastest way to pair to a new computer (even if its already paired with a different computer):

  1. Make sure the device in pairing mode FIRST*
  2. Now go to System Preferences –> Trackpad –> Set up bluetooth trackpad

You’ll notice the device is recognized immediately. Don’t let go of the device pairing button until the big white “Trackpad Connected” overlay is shown.

Of course replace #2 with Keyboard if you’re pairing a keyboard.

*To put the device in pairing mode:

  1. Long press on the power button on the side of the device until the device powers down (light goes on, then goes off)
  2. 2nd long press on the power button, until the device powers up and goes into pairing mode (light goes on, then starts blinking)
  3. Don’t let go of the button until big white “Trackpad Connected” (or “Keyboard Connected”) overlay shows up.