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Caught My Eye - Links for July 20th

HTML 5 crossword puzzle, CSS transitions to go with your Twitter Bootstrap, Faster Heroku Deploys, Execs at Panasonic jailed for 1 year, Nate Silver leaves the NY Times and 2200 sq foot home in Detroit for $1.

HTML 5 Crossword Puzzle

HTML 5 Features you can use now crossword puzzle
Reminds me that its time to brush up on

CSS transitions for your Twitter Bootstrap

CSS Effects for some standard elements like scrollable lists, nav items, etc. Seems like its built to work on top of Twitter Bootstrap although its not explictly mentioned. Its these little things that can change a web site from “Polished” to “Super Polished”.
(via A Fresh Cup)

Speed up your Heroku deploys using memcache for assets

I’ve noticed my Heroku deploys seem to have slowed down over the last few months. I don’t think its my apps. Here is a tip from Alex MacCaw explaining how to use memcache to cache the compiled assets that don’t change from a previous deploy. Faster Heroku Deploys (via the Ruby 5 Podcast)

12 Execs at Panasonic other companies jailed for up to a year for price Fixing

Pricing for notebook battery cells, among others. Makes me wonder if they were so deep in it, and so focused on being aggressive, successfull business people to the point where they lost sight of the ethics, and were able to pretend they weren’t doing something wrong. I’ve definitely seen this type of person up close - the job, the company, ahead of everything and everyone else.
Panasonic and Its Subsidiary Sanyo Agree to Plead Guilty in Separate Price-Fixing Conspiracies Involving Automotive Parts and Battery Cells
(via Slashdot)

Nate Silver to leave NY Times and join ESPN

He’s definitely smart and fairly unique, but why haven’t more people and organizations emulated him? Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight Blog Is to Join ESPN Staff

2200 sq foot home in Detroit listed for $1

Meanwhile every last house fore sale in San Francisco generates a bidding war and goes for above asking.
Zillow listing
(via Nate Silver’s twitter)