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This site is completely static. It was last generated with Octopress and Jekyll on Sep 02, 2013 and hosted on github pages.

Global Javascript Events With Backbone JS

In the past I leveraged jQuery’s events to create a client side message bus in javascript. Triggering and subscribing to global events is a great way to decouple your javascript code and make it more flexible and maintainable. Enter backbone JS, which has even better built in support for events. An easy way to get started is to bolt on event support to your main global app object:

From Wordpress to Octopress

Just moved my blog from to Octopress. Octopress runs atop jekyll to generate static files and can deploy to pretty much any hosting provider - but has special tools for hosting on github pages - where this blog is now hosted. First I looked at Jekyll on its own, but seems like it required too much manual configuration - whereas Octopress makes all the choices for you. You just need to make changes.

Blog posts are created by editing a text file locally using Textmate 1 in markdown, generating the blog and deploying. The blog’s filename implies the posting date, for example this posts file name is


and you also include what they call a YAML UpfrontMatter to the top of every post to include additional metadata. For example for this post:

layout: posta
title: "From wordpress to octopress"
date: 2012-09-07 23:10
comments: true

So far I’m really happy with it. If you’d like to give it a whirl yourself, All the info you need is at Octopress. It’s got a very vibrant community, which is always a good thing.

Javascript: “Unresponsive Script” Error

What it means:

Javasript code is running for longer than 10 seconds. Thats the limit on Firefox 15. Other browsers may vary, googling reveals Internet Explorer’s limit is 5 million lines of code (!) and Chrome allows 30 seconds.